How do I change or update my credit card associated to my product subscription?

To change or update the credit card for your recurring product subscription, please follow the steps below. 
Change CC Information:
1. Log into your Charlotte's Web account
2. Click on the "My Product Subscriptions" option in the left hand menu
3. Click on the "More Details..." option below your subscription information
4. Under the "Payment Information" section, click the "Add a new credit card" option next to your credit card information, or the "Change" option if the desired card is already on file
5. Enter your new credit card information
6. Save the credit card information
7. Click on the "My Product Subscriptions" option in the left-hand menu
8. Click on the "More Details..." option underneath your subscription information
9. Click on the "Change" option
10. Select the desired credit card from the menu
11. Save your changes
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