Dosage for Chronic Pain, Nerve (neurological damage) Damage, Muscle Spasma

I am interested in learning about the dosage people are using for:
1) Chronic Pain
2) Muscle spasms and throbbing
3) Neurological (nerve) damage

I've been in chronic pain for almost four years (pelvic floor pain) without an exact diagnosis. Complex issues are: a fall to my coccyx 20 years ago where there was tissue damage and internal bleeding (no fractures), micro tears in muscles and tendons due to challenging yoga postures and normal aging, perinueral (Tarlov cysts) in my sacral canal.

I began taking 25mg of CW a day, now I am up to 75mg of CW a day. I know everyone is different in pain levels and body type. It's hard to know if the CW is working yet. I am calmer, less anxious and more able to "bare" the pain. What is the average amount people take for decreased pain? I think I may have to go up 100mg or 150mg per day. I have now been taking CBD Oil for about two months.


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